Sunday, May 24, 2015

A little about me!

Well to begin, I am a Latter Day Saint, Mormon girl, and proud of it! There are a lot of misconceptions of what "Mormons" are (check out the "I Believe" tab for more info).  

I'm a small town girl at heart. I absolutely love Cache Valley. I met my husband after high school through mutual friends. It was love at first sight! Cheesy I know... But it's true. He was the hot guy who I didn't think would give me the time of day. I kept seeing him around Wellsville's Founders Day, in his shades and a hat and a button up shirt and I just had to get his number! So I asked him... If you ask him this story it's the other way around but he doesn't remember correctly, so just believe my side! ;) So we hung out a few times, and I fell more and more in love. Well then I had that typical moment where I was falling to fast and it scared me, so I called things off. Fast forward 6 months and I decided I couldn't live with out him. He kindly (Ok I begged) took me back and we got married in the Logan LDS temple 6 months later!

LDS Temple

(Photo from one of my best friends Becca Olson Photography, who is a photographer in Utah Click Here for her website)

I went and got my CNA license, then we moved to Dallas TX for a couple months for my husbands job. When we got back I decided I wanted to go to nail tech school! After I got my certificate, I started working at a salon and loved every minute! I met some of my life time friends from people I worked with and some of the best clients around. 

A couple years later we had our first born son, Traxton.

 He changed our lives and it was love from the moment we saw him. Fast forward 2.5 more years and we had our second born son, Acen.

You never know that you can love someone as much as your first born, but you can! We all fell in love with this sweet boy and was the best addition to our little family. 

My husband works for Protection 1 doing summer sales, so every summer we go somewhere different. It's been so fun to see all these fun places and explore. So far we have lived in TX, KS, OH, and OK, which is where we are now! 

Lastly, we found out in February we are expecting AGAIN, unplanned, but still so very excited! 

Baby Announcement, Gender Reveal

We also found out in May that we are expecting another boy! Boys will take over my life, even though I was a bit sad it wasn't a girl, I'm excited my boys will grow up and be the best of friends. And I will still be the only reigning princess in the family!

Now I am just a stay at home mom and do nails (which I will do some tutorials for all my nail tech friends in the future) on the side for family, and travel with my hubby. 

I love to decorate my house, do crafts, and anything outside in the summer. I have a life long aspiration to become a runner, which I plan to start training for races after I have this babe! So any running tips are greatly appreciated.

That's me in a nut shell! Stay tuned for another great freebie!

Oh and PS. I'm not the best writer, so take the good with the bad and don't judge! ;)

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